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Rajitha's Story

Hare Krishna

I am Rajitha, 31 years old. In 2013 I was pregnant. After my 5th month I noticed cough. It is increasing gradually, I informed to my midwife, she suggested some tablets but not worked.

Went to GP, also he prescribed cough tonic but not worked. Day by day my cough is getting worse. I’m getting tired and breathless. My nails changed blue colour and some of the body, also, 8 month time I had continual cough I was tired and breathless. My husband was shocked and took me to hospital emergency ward. They did some blood tests. Nothing wrong they said, it’s a pregnancy pressure cough it will go after delivery. My parents came from India to look after me. I got some relief. Finally labour time came that was horrible time. My pressures increased while delivering a baby. I never forget that time and I said to my husband I’m going to die, I can't. I believe in Lord Krishna a lot. Few seconds my consciousness went dark in that I saw Lord Radha Krishna (because of their blessings today I’m alive) that minute I decided my son name Krishna. After that my son was delivered.
 It's a miracle for me. After one week I felt very sick. I fell over in bed with shivering. My husband called an ambulance and they took me to hospital to emergency. That time my feelings are unexpected. Doctors did X-rays.
They checked my chest. I had several chest pains. One of the doctors told me you have a lump in my breast. They need to do several tests. My boy was sleeping. He slept long time on that night. Then he wake up started crying for milk. I was unable to feed. I was tired and no energy. Nurse brought some formula milk from children ward. He was so hungry he had milk in 5 min. They shifted me into surgical ward. After two days they did some tests and diagnosed tuberculosis and started treatment but one of the radiology doctors confirmed it's not tuberculosis. They shifted me into medical ward. They did echo cardiogram. Doctors told me my heart was enlarged. I asked the reason for enlarge they said we don't know. We have to do some more tests.

Next day morning they conducted 6 minutes walking test. I started very confidently and actively.
But within two minutes I was collapsed in 30 seconds. Doctors were shocked. I was extremely shocked what happened to me. One of our family friend Dr Rahul working in same department, helped me a lot. After few hours of discussions one doctor came to me and said we diagnosed Pulmonary Hypertension

I never heard about that. I asked which stage now he said it is last stage. I caught his hand started crying. I’m not thinking about myself doctor, I have a 10 days baby, who will look after him. They said further treatment in Wellington capital and coast hospital.
All doctors were surprised how Rajitha gave normal birth to baby because Pulmonary Hypertension was final stage when I was delivering a baby. If that was caesarean section my situation was in dangerous because of anaesthesia
 Doctors told me still you alive it is miracle. I called to my brother and informed him to my situation. It was morning time in India he wake up by my call. He was shocked and crying. I never forget about his words. He is four years younger to me and he said don't worry I will look after everything you will be fine. Slowly this news spreads in to my relatives they are worried about me. I spoke to my father sister Rupa and her husband Sudershan they are very close to my heart by child hood onwards. They started enquiry about to doctors regarding this disease and my husband parents also.

All my relatives are in India and not understand what's happening? We lived in Wanganui New Zealand. After three days of diagnoses I was airlifted to Wellington hospital. My husband was with me all the time. He was in shock, what's going on!!!!.

After arriving at Wellington hospital I got severe fevers, Doctors coming and going asking many questions. I started crying in front of every one

I’m not bothering about myself. Who will look after my baby, please save me? Finally Dr Andrew Atkin came I don't know he is famous cardiologist. But I told him my whole life story to him.

I did my post-graduation after that I was worked in bank. I lead an active life. But I never felt sick. Why this disease came to me. 45 min he listened very patently. He did my angiogram procedure after that he told me your pressures are very high. How your body respond to treatment we don't know. He said I have never seen in my life like your problem. My god came through him and treated me. I believe he is my god.

They shifted me into ICU and started treatment. They did right heart catheter. I never imagined myself into that stage of life. I didn't even move also really I didn't have energy. Complete body is pain full. My husband unable to see me in that situation. He went outside. After 24 hours my body responded to treatment. My husband came in the morning and he said to me after few days watching your figures in monitor now heart rate is getting better then he gained confidence.

Really don't know what's going on. After 3 days they shifted me in to general ward. I stayed in one week and discharged to Wanganui hospital again

I was in Wanganui hospital in a week after discharged to home. Almost one month I was in hospital. My family friends they looked after my son and parents. When I was in hospital. I never ever forget their help. Now we are living in Auckland but I remember always my Wanganui family friends Smita, Karuna, Vikranth, Indhira. My parents looked after me and my son really well. After 4 months they took my son and went to India.

Because I was in bed rest 6 months. In those days my motivations are my spiritual books. Still I’m reading spiritual books. Sending my son to India that was very painful for me. After 2 weeks my brother came to my home from India to look after me. My husband and brother they looked after me very well. My brother stayed with me 3 months. After few days, support group president Allan and Sandy they came to meet me. I was contacted in email. After talking to Sandy and Allan I gained some confidence.

While listening to my story Sandy felt sad and I saw some tears in her eyes. She understands me very well because she is also suffering with same problem. After 3 months of being diagnosed we received a call from Hearty Towers Greenlane Hospital in Auckland. We stayed one week there and they did several tests echocardiogram, chest X-rays, lung functioning test, blood test, ECG, Ultrasound scan, bone density test, 6 min walking test some other also

After all reports my specialist Dr Ken Whyte told me they thought heart and lung transplant if medicine not working but my heart is healthy but high pressures in lungs.

My heart working very hard. If medicine not working last option is lung transplant. I started using Bosentan medicine.

Still I’m using Bosentan and Silagra. After 6 months of being diagnosed, slowly my energy level improved. 2014 February in Wellington hospital Dr Andrew Aitken did my angiogram procedure 2nd time, my pressures are reduced.

Doctor given permission to fly to India. We went to India to bring back my son Krishna into New Zealand. My son now 3 years 4 months. He won't ask me to carry him as he is understanding mummy having problem in her chest. Whenever I say to him feeling sick he will say let's go to the doctors mummy. Special thanks to all my doctors and their team and my husband and my parents, my brother and sister because of their help and love today I’m here. Every 3 months I have an appointment with my specialist Dr Ken Whyte and Tania.
God given this disease to me made me so strong. After this disease I became so positive and strong. Still ups and downs in my health. But manageable so far. I know it's an incurable disease but still I have hope one day it will be disappear. I want to say one thing to my all PAH friends to stay blessed with god.

Thanks and Regards.